Qi Gong Classes and Info

Currently Offering Group Classes and One-to-One Qi Gong Lessons 

Public Classes : Thursday Lunch Time 12pm- 1pm  In tree of life clinic

One to One Classes : Mon - Tue - Wed - 930 am - 6.pm  Sat 930 am - 3pm


The Hun Yuan Qigong was developed by Grandmaster Feng Zhi Qiang.

Master Mao Bao Guo Honorary President of the British Hun Yuan Tai Ji Association studied the Hun Yuan system with Feng Zhi Qiang,s disciple Master Wang Chaihai and has developed the qigong set in a unique way incorporating his own insights.  In particular Master Ma’s qigong has a strong flavour of Wudang and Emei styles in which he is also a lineage holder. I completed a teacher training in Hun-Yuan Qi Gong in 2007 from Lineage Holder Chris Ray Chappell and continue to train and teach this style of Qi Gong .

Clear Water Classical Qi Gong combines physical exercises and stretches with meditation. It is usually practiced in standing or sitting and has a very long history in China, images of people practicing qi gong postures and
movements have been found in a tomb dating from 167 BCE.

 Clear water style sessions is simple, quiet and rooted in finding a natural balance. It draws in daoist philosophy: ‘By sitting still you can know the whole world’ . We start with exercises in standing, allowing the body and mind to stretch, release and find their natural balance; sometimes we move into a quiet sitting encouraging stillness and a deep connection with the world around us. The benefits are many: release of tension, sense of calm and well being, a better understanding of yourself and your world, a sense of balance, a few moments to escape from a busy life

Dragon and Tiger Qi Gong is a 7 movement low impact flowing energy exercise, mindfully executed. Qi Means Breath and Gong means Exercise. Dragon and Tiger is referred to as a medical Qi Gong as it is used as a means of mitigating chronic pain and as a rehabilitation from injury and illness. Brought to the west and adapted by B.K. Frantzis I first started training this for in 2007 and have enjoyed teaching and practicing ever since.

The 7 movements can be learned by anyone and are exceptional for releasing stagnant energy and optimizing all bodily functions and developing a total sense of integrated calmness and balance.